Shipping Options: EMS, SAL Registered, SAL (small packet), Via Sea

You can choose from EMS, SAL Registered, SAL (small packet) or Via Sea shipping.


  • EMS shipping is the quickest, most reliable but most expensive shipping option.
  • It is an international courier service that is fully tracked and insured.
  • Delivery target differs depending on the region you are in, you can find the estimated days for your country here:

SAL (small packet)

  • SAL small packet delivery is a cost effective method for less valuable products.
  • SAL has strict size and weight restrictions, so is not eligible for all products we sell.
  • SAL is also sent via economy air.
  • Between Japan to your country will be treated as Air Mail. However, from our warehouse to the airport and the airport to your house it will be treated as economy package.


  • It usually takes anything from 2 weeks to 8 weeks plus to get to you.
  • SAL small packet operates much like letter post so does not come with a tracking number or insurance coverage, as such, please choose this at your own risk as we are unable to compensate for lost or damaged parcels.

SAL Registered:

  • SAL Registered is only available to certain countries, so if it is not appearing for you as an option it is probably not available where you are.
  • This is cost effective for people who live in Europe and those who are making bulk orders, because as packages get larger the price becomes more cost effective compared to EMS.
  • SAL(Registered) is sent via economy air but it does not have size regulations like SAL (Small Packet) and it also comes with tracking number so you can track your package.
  • SAL registered comes with limited insurance.
  • Delivery time is the same as SAL (Small Packet) - anything from 2 - 8 weeks plus.

Via Sea

  • Via Sea is our most cost effective shipping option, but also has the longest shipping time.
  • Delivery ETA is anything between 2 weeks to 3 months, depending on your location.
  • It comes with tracking and limited insurance.
  • Like EMS and SAL options delivery is to your door.
  • Most effective for East Asian countries due to the close proximity to Japan, countries further away will experience longer delivery times of 2-3 months.


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